Choose your High Wisely

Hello Readers!

It's been a long while since my last post. Please forgive me. Just a reminder that my posts sometimes come off as offensive to some who disagree with my more conservative stance.

*Be Advised: My intention is not to cause conflict or offend anyone, but rather to express a conservative message through different forms of writing. That being said...

What is it about the high of marijuana, crack and heroine that keeps people coming back for more? What is it about multiple sex partners that leads to confidence in oneself? What is it about stabbing friends in the back that gives the feeling of power?

These are questions I've never been able to answer, primarily because I've never experienced any of the above. I have, however, experienced a 'high' that keeps me coming back for more. I have experienced confidence and I have experienced power. Along with these things, I've been fortunate enough to have experiences (long and short) with things like: Grace, Patience, Strength, Respect, Dignity, Humility and Charity. These are good things to experience; and some of these experiences last no longer than a few seconds, but it doesn't change the way I've been affected. In fact, it's those brief moments that really take a toll on my heart, soul and mind. 

Over the many years of my life, I've gone through many different phases, as do most people. It's normal; it's natural. I can't say, though, that I've taken part in socially popular phases or have been influenced by what other people are doing. For example, I've never gone out to party, I've never been drunk, I've never smoked, I've never danced the "matrimonial polka"... etc etc. It's just not me. At the same time, I did go through some rather "interesting" phases. For example, I went through a YoYo phase, I went through a rebellious phase (which was nothing more than slacking off in school), I went through a girl crazy phase... etc etc. Phases that didn't seem to have negative consequences on my mental or physical health. 

Over time I experienced many emotions and was faced with many questions as to who I am and who I want to be. Constantly looking at the world around me, I never found myself being involved with what was popular. I was never interested in video games, never interested in Pokemon and stuff like that. I never cared for skateboarding or sports. For the bulk of my life, my focus was always on Christ. And I believe wholeheartedly that my focus on Christ is the reason I'm content with being where I am in life. 

All throughout life, the world around me tries to tell me what clothes to wear, what music to listen to, what I should physically look like and who I should emulate... etc etc. The world is constantly bombarding individuals with ideas and propaganda of what's acceptable and what isn't. The world is like an annoying salesman who knocks on your "front door" and tries to sell you loads of crap to buy into. The world is like that annoying sin that keeps coming back time and time again. More often than not, we buy into the pitch and commit that sin... we buy into the pitch because it sounds too good to be true.

Often times, we'll hear things such as:

"Take a hit, you'll like it." In reference to drugs.
"$10 bucks says you won't hit that." In reference to sex.
"Let's go get shit-faced." In reference to alcohol (pardon the language).

Influential propaganda surrounds us. And people (not everybody) eat it up like parade candy. I would know, I'm "that guy" who puts his life on the line to get that single tootsie roll laying in the road. We hear things that appeal to us and all of a sudden, we're lost in an ocean of endless possibility. Sex, drugs and alcohol are the methods to have fun, relieve stress and live life to the fullest. Society provides us with a scapegoat for foolish behavior and excuses for stupidity... i.e., "YOLO!"

But what happens if YOLO turns into a travesty? What if YOLO means a young girl gets knocked up...and that girl decides to have the baby aborted? What if YOLO means having to bury four teens for drunk driving? What if YOLO means a drug overdose on the first hit? Is that really the YOLO the world should be going for?

I've always been the type of person to have a YOLO type personality. I love having fun, joking around, laughing and living to the fullest. I love music, art and dance; I love my friends and family. Most importantly, I love God. And because I love God, I struggle daily to live the YOLO lifestyle in a good way; but be advised, it does not make me any better than anyone else. I fall short every day, every minute, every second.

So back to my original questions::: What is it about the high of marijuana, crack and heroine that keeps people coming back for more? What is it about multiple sex partners that leads to confidence in oneself? What is it about stabbing friends in the back that gives the feeling of power?

What is it?

Why is it that people flock to drugs and alcohol, but not to the Eucharist? Why is it that people flock to the act of sex, but not to the act of carrying ones cross?

These are not questions I can answer, nor will I try to answer. Clearly everyone needs something different. And for some, it's possible they don't need Christ. Well, at least they think they don't. Believe me, I understand not all people hold the same beliefs as me. And I'm very aware not everyone will agree with my beliefs. So be it! Power to you! But please don't crucify me for expressing myself.

The whole point is, why destroy yourself when you can build yourself up?

Christ gives us a power of love and grace. Christ gives us the pleasure of happiness and joy. Christ gives us the 'high' of comfort. Why not choose Christ as our go-to? After all, He's free and of plenteous abundance.


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